FoodHealthMad about macros

November 30, 2020n/a6 min

The latest buzzword in the world of health and fitness is ‘macros,’ which is short for ‘macronutrients.’ But what are macros and how can they help you to achieve your nutrition and exercise goals? Macros are the basic components of nutrition – the fat, protein and carbs needed to fuel the body and keep all its systems working. We caught up with Michael Sole, founder of the popular gym and fitness facility The Den in Dubai’s...

Abu Dhabi announces new measures for volunteers in Phase 3 vaccine trials and for those in the national vaccine program: tests and quarantine no longer required to enter Abu Dhabi from other emirates.

As six women receive awards for their achievements, the numbers of women aspiring to enter careers in science and technology is growing faster in the GCC than in the West.

Discarded plastic is choking the life out of the oceans, But how do we go about decreasing our reliance on plastic ?

Cycling has surged in popularity over the past few years, and that trend has unfolded here in the UAE just as much as elsewhere around the globe. The health and wellness industry as a whole has grown dramatically and cycling is a very accessible sport that’s great for overall fitness. You can start slowly and build up your endurance, which makes it suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Plus, there’s a real community...



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