This story by Tim Hornyak was originally published on Eos as part of Covering Climate Now, a global journalism collaboration of more than 400 news outlets committed to better coverage of the climate crisis.  Indonesians say being prepared for climate-related disasters helped blunt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic – and that lessons in resilience may mitigate the effects of climate crises in the future. The coronavirus pandemic presents different challenges in different countries, but...

A stern warning from a nurse when he was 18 made gym ownerMustafa Adnan change his lifestyle. But like many people, he gained weight and lost fitness during the Covid lockdown.He gave himself 90 days to get it back.

After almost a year of covid, the spotlight is very firmly on how to stay fit and well. Here's what we expect to see more of in 2021.

Looking for a new fitness challenge? Thank the Spartan Race trend for the new range of obstacle courses that can really push your limits, test your stamina and boost your confidence. From slippery pipes and dark tunnels to clambering up walls and swinging from ropes, obstacles are becoming the next big skill to master. X Park at Bounce Bounce has locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is primarily known as a trampoline park, but...’s-first-clinical-Phase-1280x720.jpg

The UAE reported its first case of Covid-19 11 months ago, the first Middle Eastern country to do so. The country responded with speed and efficiency, extensive testing and also became the first country to offer a vaccine to th general population.



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