Qutting smoking is very hard but there are a ton of therapies, medications, alternative methods and now, digital ways, to eliminate smoking from your life.

A new method developed in Britain with UAE funding of using drones to make rain could revolutionize the Gulf's water supply problems.

On the occasion of World MS Day, doctors from the Multiple Sclerosis center at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, shared how to stay healthy if you have MS.

2.8 million people around the world have multiple sclerosis. May 30th is World Multiple Sclerosis day. A day meant to raise awareness around the disease.

Abu Dhabi’s SEHA has announced that a third Sinopharm booster shot is available and is offered to anyone at least 6 months after they’ve had their second dose. Meanwhile, published results of Phase 3 trials of the Sinopharm vaccine show it is between 73 and 78 percent effective against Covid-19.



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