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8 places to get a healthy eggs breakfast in Dubai

For years, eggs were seen as unhealthy, often condemned for their supposedly unhealthy cholesterol content. But lately eggs are back in style, part of the sweeping tide that has seen fats reappearing on the plates of the health-conscious. And it’s easy to understand why: at around 75 calories a pop, the average egg has six grams of protein, nutrients that might lower the risk for heart disease and a mix of healthy fats that will keep you fuller for longer. To help you start your new year right, we’ve rounded up eight ways to have a healthy egg breakfast in Dubai.

Southwest Sunrise at Eggspectation

True to its name, this venue is positively packed with different egg-themed dishes. While the Bravocado (an avocado-egg dish) is a classic, and the tuna niçoise with poached eggs makes us feel smugly healthy, we recommend the Southwest Sunrise. This omelet comes with an indulgent mix of cheese, sautéed peppers, strips of avocado, salsa and sour cream. To make it healthier, nix the cheese and sour cream and ask for some extra veg.

Avo’Club at Comptoir 102

Serving up some of the poshest healthy dishes around, Comptoir 102 has won us over with its unique avocado combo. This healthy breakfast option stacks sliced avocado on toasted homemade bread atop drizzles of miso and a slathering of cashew cream. Then two poached eggs are perched delicately on top. And when the meal is done, you can browse through all the boho offerings of Comptoir’s concept store.

Garden Breakfast Bowl at Bystro

On Friday mornings, it feels like half of Dubai’s fitness crowd is at this airy, healthy venue. The steak and eggs is pretty popular (particularly among men in lycra), but we love the cafe’s breakfast bowl. Grilled halloumi, two poached eggs, falafel, avocado, organic quinoa, sweet potato and sautéed kale make up the sizable dish, plus a wedge of thick toast comes on the side.

Open-face Omelet at Nightjar

With all the trappings of a cool New York loft, this Alserkal Avenue venue has a reputation for roasting some of the best coffee beans in town — and now it’s open to the public for seriously intense coffees and breakfasts. Try the open-face omelet for a dish that combines goats cheese, frisse, pickled beetroot and star anise in a fresh, filing combination.

Signature Shakshouka at Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice Shakshouka

Bursting with tomatoes, peppers, spices and sauce, with perfectly poached eggs caught in the middle, this delicious dish is designed for two. It comes served with fresh French farm bread. As always with Baker & Spice, everything is organic and as local as possible. We’re fans of the group’s location beside the dancing Dubai Fountain.

Paleo Guac Toast at Tania’s Teahouse

This pretty-as-a-picture pink-themed villa has plenty of naughty delights on its breakfast menu (including the incredibly photogenic cakes and frosted toasts), but not everything is pure indulgence. Order the Paleo Gauc Toast for a satisfying dish that takes roasted sweet potato, tops it with whipped guacamole and a hard boiled egg, and sprinkles the whole thing with zesty spices.

Avocado Pizza at Brambles

There are few things as satisfying as the taste and texture of a creamy avocado with a rich, slightly soft egg. The new eatery Brambles gets this combo right with its playful pizza, mixing together tomato, radish, cilantro, pickled onion, lemon and garlic in a pretty inspiring combination. Or grab the chili-fried eggs with zaatar and labneh for a taste of the Middle East.

Egg-white Omelet at Ultra Brasserie

With a focus on organic and vegan food, this cheerful cafe serves up plenty of healthy breakfast options. Try their new egg-white omelet for a dish that mixes eggs with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato chunks and pesto dressing, all served beside toasted brown rye. The Buddha Bowl is also pretty solid, combining sweet potato with edamame, apple cider vinaigrette and a soft boiled egg.

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