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Atlantis, The Palm launches vegan menu

News of 40 plant-based dishes on one vegan menu will appeal to the growing numbers of people shunning animal products in Dubai – and help Atlantis, The Palm attract business. Located on the Avenues of Atlantis, The Palm, the Italian eatery Ronda Locatelli is launching the largest offering of plant-based food from a non-vegan restaurant in Dubai. (Hey – it’s the Atlantis – it had to be the largest something.)

Expect the menu to include a mix of salads, pizza, pasta and lots of vegan cheese. Plant-based starters include insalata di spinaci — baby spinach, pomegranate dressing, walnuts with vegan cheese. There are eight kinds of pizza, made with site-made dough fermented for 48 hours, and a full range of pastas. Think spaghetti all putnesca with a tangy tomato sauce, black olives, cherry tomatoes and capers. Side dishes are a veggie heaven: potatoes, chilli and garlic broccoli, steamed spinach and asparagus.

It sounds worth a visit for the desserts alone. The menu includes sfera di cioccolato, a chocolate sphere with coconut ice cream, mixed berries and hot raspberry sauce; rich vegan chocolate cake; strawberry, mandarin, lemon and coconut sorbet; and an avocado chocolate mousse.

Featured photo: Ronda Locatelli‘s vegan margherita pizza; Atlantis, The Palm is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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