Do you get caught up in believing the “best” way to be strong is through high-stress bootcamp classes? I know I do. Bootcamp classes can make you physically stronger, but they are not the only way to build muscle density and strength. Low-intensity exercises like pilates can work just as well. Created by Joseph Pilates, the body conditioning regime is a mind-body exercise that focuses on breath work and resistance to build strength. According to Balanced...

Traditionally, dates are dried and eaten raw. But now, the fruit is part of a host of complex recipes, usually desserts. Dates are the new sugar.

Rhythmic, performance, spin cycling – Frequency, the new Saadiyat based cycling studio, has a class for everyone.

Whether you work from home or are simply looking for a place to sink in and read a good book, this is the list for you. We've chosen the the best coffee shops in Abu Dhabi to work in.

The modern-day game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland, which might be why the lush hills typical of the sport are so integral to the game. Upon first consideration, the arid desert landscape of the UAE seems like it would be inhospitable for a sport born in such grassy inclines. Yet, somehow, golf found home among the sand here, with the first fashioned out of dunes instead of hills. As the country developed, so...



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