7 UAE-founded makeup brands    

Home to a thriving economy and a famously glamorous social scene, the UAE is the perfect place to launch a makeup brand.   Indeed, numerous new cosmetics labels have launched in the UAE over the past few years, spanning everything from global beauty empires to boutique vegan collections.  Offering premium quality products that are ethical, kind on your skin and ideally suited to the Middle East’s sun-kissed climate, here are some of the best homegrown beauty

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Cop28 group shot

COP28: ‘Confronting realities’, fossil fuels and moving forward

They came. They saw. They agreed. Sort of. After 14 days of negotiations and renewed pledges to tackle the global climate crisis, COP28 ended with a historic promise to “contribute… to transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems in a just, orderly and equitable manner”. Whether the agreement goes far enough is a point of contention.  That one line was the focal point of a 21-page document that contained nearly 200 paragraphs, because it

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Climate Champion Cop28

Meet the Youth Climate Champions making waves at COP28

While much of the focus of COP28 has been on decisions being made by the world’s most powerful and experienced politicians, there has also been an unprecedented influx of young people to the annual UN climate conference. In its role as COP28 host, the UAE has been determined to integrate youth delegates into the event like never before.  In the COP28 Green Zone, the Youth Hub has provided a space for young people to meet

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