Stutter UAE

How Stutter UAE is helping people with dysfluency

Farah Al Qaissieh signs off her emails not with ‘best wishes’ or ‘kind regards’ but the far more uplifting ‘Smiles and Support’: it’s indicative of the unwavering positivity she brings to her work as co-founder of Stutter UAE. Al Qaissieh grew up with a stutter, struggling — as many of those who have some form of disfluency do — with the social obstacles that the condition presents as she moved through childhood into adulthood. But

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Toby Gregory, Row to Cop28, Plastic Pledge

Rowing to COP28 to fight plastic pollution

Six months after conquering an epic Atlantic Ocean row, Toby Gregory is primed for a new challenge in his battle against plastic pollution: a circumnavigation of the UAE’s coastline ahead of COP28. In Row To COP28, Toby is encouraging residents to take to the seas around the UAE with him ahead of the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, an annual event coming to the Emirates for the first time this November.  Gregory and his Arabian Ocean

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pet therapy

The healing power of pets

The growing recognition of the positive impact that animals can have on the health and well-being of individuals has its roots in ancient civilizations, when humans began domesticating animals. The social interaction and bonding-like behaviours between humans and their pets demonstrates the positive role animals play in human lives. This connection is taken a big step further when it comes to the formalized use of animals in therapy. According to the Delta Society, the leading international organization

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