Getting from camel mode to me time in parenting

The overwhelming responsibility that comes with caring for a helpless little human – or several – hits every new parent all at once, thrusting them into what a US journalist recently dubbed “camel mode”. Camel mode, writes Kathryn Jezer-Morton in The Cut, is all about making sacrifices and putting your family before your own desires, interests and needs. It’s all about pure, focused survival. As most parents have experienced, it can also come with a major

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Why more women are wakesurfing – and you can too

With more than 700 kilometers of coastline along the Arabian Gulf it’s no surprise that the UAE is becoming a prime destination for wakesurfing, which is rapidly growing in appeal among women. Whether seeking a new passion or a way to decompress from the stress of daily life, more and more ladies are finding their peace on a board atop waves created by a speedboat. Rasha El Ghoussaini, a 40-year-old, Dubai-based executive for Snap Inc

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Is this the end of the BMI?

Body Mass Index or BMI has been around for what seems like forever; it’s a term that you probably first recall being used by your doctor when you were a child, or maybe a school nurse when you stood on the scales as part of a routine medical examination. However the American Medical Association (AMA) has just instructed doctors to de-emphasize its use in gauging health and obesity, and suggested other tools be employed. According

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Emirati artist Noor AlSuwaidi is back doing what she loves

Returning to an old passion or hobby is always a brilliant feeling, and it’s one that renowned Emirati artist Noor Al Suwaidi knows well.   Her most recent show, the sun is for everyone/the moon is for you, hosted in collaboration with Jossa at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai, marked her first solo exhibition since 2014.  Known for her trademark abstract style, Noor has exhibited her work in London, Berlin, Istanbul, Kuwait, Washington D.C. and across the UAE.   However, for

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