Fight Like A Girl: Building Saudi women’s boxing

Halah Alhamrani has spent her life using boxing and martial arts to break barriers and challenge perceptions. It began as an individual outlet, helping her deal with ADHD that remained undiagnosed until she went to college in the United States. In 2015, her deep-seated belief in the power of boxing led to her founding Fight Like A Girl gym in Jeddah.  Over the past eight years, Alhamrani’s dedication to promoting women’s involvement in boxing has

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Boxing is therapy

Boxing is a popular workout for a reason: it offers all the fitness benefits of the real thing, all without the intimidation of stepping into a ring or risking any real blows. One of Dubai’s most popular studios, Boxica in Studio City, has been doing a brisk business post-pandemic by going beyond boxing to offer unique mix of strength, indoor cycling and circuit-style workouts. The founder of this growing movement is Cyrus Rustom, a former member of the elite

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6 ways to avoid injuries, aches and pains  

Sport and exercise bring multiple benefits, but everyone who lives an active lifestyle has inevitably experienced an injury or two at some point in their lives.   Whether it’s a pulled muscle, a sprained ankle or a dislocated shoulder, high-impact activities can sometimes take their toll on our bodies.   Thankfully, there are many simple things that we can do to make exercise less stressful on our joints and muscles, and ultimately suffer less injuries, aches and

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Why more women are wakesurfing – and you can too

With more than 700 kilometers of coastline along the Arabian Gulf it’s no surprise that the UAE is becoming a prime destination for wakesurfing, which is rapidly growing in appeal among women. Whether seeking a new passion or a way to decompress from the stress of daily life, more and more ladies are finding their peace on a board atop waves created by a speedboat. Rasha El Ghoussaini, a 40-year-old, Dubai-based executive for Snap Inc

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