Summer cardio: How to actually enjoy the treadmill

Among all the new fitness fads and workout trends, the treadmill is an old faithful that never goes out of style. A 2021 study valued the global treadmill market size at US$3,797 million, and this figure is expected to reach US$5,946 million by 2030. However, some people get quickly bored of the treadmill. There must be so many sitting unused and gathering dust in people’s spare rooms, garages or even in gyms. But this is simply because the majority of

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Review: lululemon’s Blissfeel 2 women’s running shoe

My struggle to find the perfect running shoes has been going on for at least 10 years, ever since I first decided to become a ‘proper’ runner.    For some reason, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to run more than eight kilometres without suffering a blister or two.    I’ve tried wearing different shoe brands in different sizes, various thicknesses of socks and countless plasters and tapes. The amount of gait analysis sessions

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Fisio’s recovery & wellness: Livehealthy Approved

I have to believe that when we look back on fitness, the new focus on recovery will be one of the most profound developments. I’m old enough to remember the Stairmaster, cardio-obsessed 90s; debates about whether we even needed to bother warming up or down before or after workouts; celebrity trainers saying that not only could we work out every single day, but we should; vomit-inducing workouts in reality shows like The Biggest Loser and

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Listen to an orthopedic surgeon: ‘You need rest days’

Dr Hasan Baydoun, Chief of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Healthpoint hospital in Abu Dhabi, is passionate about helping athletes of all levels. Throughout his successful career, which has taken him across two continents, he has been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most famous sports stars. This includes taking up the role of assistant team physician for US major league sports teams such as the six-time Super Bowl winning New England

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Yasir Khan: “I want to make people’s lives 10 times better”

As a world-renowned bodybuilder, celebrity trainer and the founder of Transform Your Body, the UAE’s biggest super gym, Yasir Khan’s life story is an inspiring tale of perseverance and self discipline. The dedicated entrepreneur joins Livehealthy to discuss why the approach of Transform Your Body is so unique, he doesn’t believe in cutting out carbs or dairy, and how he went from working for free as a gym caretaker to launching his own empire. How

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