6 ways to avoid injuries, aches and pains  

Sport and exercise bring multiple benefits, but everyone who lives an active lifestyle has inevitably experienced an injury or two at some point in their lives.   Whether it’s a pulled muscle, a sprained ankle or a dislocated shoulder, high-impact activities can sometimes take their toll on our bodies.   Thankfully, there are many simple things that we can do to make exercise less stressful on our joints and muscles, and ultimately suffer less injuries, aches and

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Why more women are wakesurfing – and you can too

With more than 700 kilometers of coastline along the Arabian Gulf it’s no surprise that the UAE is becoming a prime destination for wakesurfing, which is rapidly growing in appeal among women. Whether seeking a new passion or a way to decompress from the stress of daily life, more and more ladies are finding their peace on a board atop waves created by a speedboat. Rasha El Ghoussaini, a 40-year-old, Dubai-based executive for Snap Inc

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Meet FitnGlam founder Helena Hijazi

Advertised with images of sparkly, jewel-encrusted dumbbells, women-only gym FitnGlam is unashamedly girly, joyfully feminine and gloriously glam. While the UAE certainly isn’t short on flashy fitness centers and stylish studios, the homegrown brand has become something of a revolution. It’s proud to be different and a little bit ‘out there’. Launched in Dubai in 2021, the concept was so immediately successful it opened three branches within its first year. Boasting 5,500 active members, its

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Antara hot yoga in Abu Dhabi: Livehealthy approved

Having lived in the UAE for many years, I used to think I was fairly acclimatized to hot temperatures. But that was before I tried the infrared sessions at the newly opened ANTARA Hot Yoga & Pilates Studio in Al Muneera, Abu Dhabi.   While some hot studios raise the temperature by cranking up the heating, ANTARA uses infrared panels. Designed to directly heat your body rather than the air around you, infrared hot yoga is

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Summer cardio: How to actually enjoy the treadmill

Among all the new fitness fads and workout trends, the treadmill is an old faithful that never goes out of style. A 2021 study valued the global treadmill market size at US$3,797 million, and this figure is expected to reach US$5,946 million by 2030. However, some people get quickly bored of the treadmill. There must be so many sitting unused and gathering dust in people’s spare rooms, garages or even in gyms. But this is simply because the majority of

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