7 new Abu Dhabi fitness and wellness hubs to try

The capital is now exploding with options to fitness and wellness hubs, places to work out, kick back and stretch and move the body and still and calm the mind. This is a roundup of seven new options in Abu Dhabi, everything from holistic health centers to yoga studios, CrossFit gyms, Padel clubs, performance facilities and beach days. 1. Al Waryah Pool & Beach – Erth Abu Dhabi The 350m-long stretch of sand at Erth Abu

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Fitness for kids nurtures a positive attitude’

Wellfit, the multi-sport fitness center in Dubai’s Jumeirah Village Circle, has brought something refreshingly different to the UAE’s health and wellness scene. Unlike most other gyms, its group fitness classes aren’t just suitable for adults. Instead, it offers a wide array of sessions that are specifically designed for kids and teens. The programs are suitable for children of all ages and abilities, spanning boxing, yoga, obstacle racing, functional fitness. They’ve also opened a new 16,000

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Let yoga help you move through Ramadan

There are many reasons why yoga has kept people calm and centered for thousands of years. Known for its numerous physical and mental benefits, yoga’s slow paced, meditative and restorative nature also makes it the ideal exercise to do when fasting. Here’s why if you haven’t started, Ramadan might be the perfect time. Relieve stress Yoga and meditation, coupled with appropriate medical care, can help a person navigate out of a dark place. When you are feeling lost,

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Pilates Reformer

Abu Dhabi pilates studios

Do you get caught up in believing the “best” way to be strong is through high-stress bootcamp classes? I know I do. Bootcamp classes can make you physically stronger, but they are not the only way to build muscle density and strength. Low-intensity exercises like pilates can work just as well. Created by Joseph Pilates, the body conditioning regime is a mind-body exercise that focuses on breath work and resistance to build strength. According to Balanced

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