Let yoga help you move through Ramadan

There are many reasons why yoga has kept people calm and centered for thousands of years. Known for its numerous physical and mental benefits, yoga’s slow paced, meditative and restorative nature also makes it the ideal exercise to do when fasting. Here’s why if you haven’t started, Ramadan might be the perfect time. Relieve stress Yoga and meditation, coupled with appropriate medical care, can help a person navigate out of a dark place. When you are feeling lost,

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Pilates Reformer

Abu Dhabi pilates studios

Do you get caught up in believing the “best” way to be strong is through high-stress bootcamp classes? I know I do. Bootcamp classes can make you physically stronger, but they are not the only way to build muscle density and strength. Low-intensity exercises like pilates can work just as well. Created by Joseph Pilates, the body conditioning regime is a mind-body exercise that focuses on breath work and resistance to build strength. According to Balanced

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Ramadan healthy

7 steps to a healthy Ramadan

Exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can be difficult at the best of times — but maintaining that lifestyle can prove to be even harder during the month of Ramadan. Fasting requires a lot of energy and commitment. With dramatic changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns, this sudden shift in routine needs to be handled carefully. To ensure we do not neglect our health, Abu Dhabi 360, Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s recently launched emirate-wide

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