seed oils

Are seed oils the fat you don’t want?

Growing up in a Mediterranean household no meal was complete without a large glug of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), be it drizzled on a salad or to lightly fry fish or meat. It’s how my parents and grandparents explained their youthful glow. But then, in the early 1990s British TV chef Anthony Worrall Thompson seemingly started us believing that cooking with olive oil was dangerous. As such, along with most households, we made the

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7 ways to improve your gut health 

Recent research shows that gut health is linked to a wide range of issues: depression, thyroid disorders, skin conditions, Type 2 diabetes and many other physical and mental ailments.  “Your gut is your second brain,” explains Dr Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist and managing director of The LightHouse Arabia. “It is full of a network of nerves — called the enteric nervous system — that extends along the entire digestive tract from the esophagus, through the stomach

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Fermented food: Is it really THAT good for you?  

Fermented food is everywhere these days. Initially created as a way of preserving food, removing toxins and maximizing flavor, fermentation is now increasingly touted for its health benefits, in particular in supporting the gut microbiome.    According to market research platform Technavio, the global fermented food and drinks market is expected to grow by US$846.73 billion by 2027.   What is fermentation?   Here in the UAE, multiple fermented food and drink businesses have popped up over

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