7 UAE-founded makeup brands    

Home to a thriving economy and a famously glamorous social scene, the UAE is the perfect place to launch a makeup brand.   Indeed, numerous new cosmetics labels have launched in the UAE over the past few years, spanning everything from global beauty empires to boutique vegan collections.  Offering premium quality products that are ethical, kind on your skin and ideally suited to the Middle East’s sun-kissed climate, here are some of the best homegrown beauty

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Dubai Active Kelsey Wells

6 of the most exciting people in wellness 

The worldwide web seems to be saturated with wellness specialists, and all of them seem to have different opinions about the best ways to stay happy and healthy. This can cause a lot of confusion, and it can sometimes be hard to know who the genuine wellness experts are, and who is spouting ideas that are based on trends and fads, rather than facts and research.  At Livehealthymag, we spend a lot of time talking

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stress diabetes

Unravelling the stress-to-diabetes domino

The shadow of diabetes looms large across the sun-soaked dunes and bustling cities of the UAE, with 19 percent of the population already afflicted and many more skirting the periphery of pre-diabetes, unaware of the tsunami of health risks awaiting them. In this landscape of prosperity, the silent yet profound impact of stress weaves its narrative, casting a domino effect that topples well-being and stirs the specter of metabolic dysfunction. Against this backdrop, more attention

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