Dr Fiona Rennie

Why HRT is safer than ever for treating menopause symptoms

Fiona Rennie — Menopause Doc Dubai on Instagram — is a family medicine doctor at Dubai’s Genesis Healthcare Center in Dubai Science Park. She spoke to The Livehealthy Podcast about how women in the UAE are struggling with this transition, in part because the medical profession is so ill-equipped to deal with it, and why research is showing that menopause hormone therapy, aka HRT, is safer and more beneficial than ever. Her goal is to

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menopause brain

Integrating brain hemispheres for a smoother menopause?

How can we better integrate our brain hemispheres for a smoother transition into menopause? Science, mathematics, music, our connection to ourselves, one another and the world is being erosively compartmentalized and automated. So, what does it matter? This is welcome news if we consider the way many of us think and live. In absolutes. Increasing productivity and utility. Moving through life with pleasure or displeasure as the guide. Great news for the left hemisphere of

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