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The inconvenient unpopularity of climate policies

Democracy is proving to be bad for the planet. If that seems like a bold claim, consider the facts, as the 28th UN climate-change conference prepares to get underway in Dubai next month. The key item on the agenda at COP28 is to carry out the first “global stocktake”, to determine what progress has been made toward meeting the goals of the legally binding 2015 Paris Agreement. Spoiler alert: Not only is the world hopelessly off-target when

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Kate Hardcastle The Customer Whisperer

‘The Customer Whisperer’ on making more sustainable choices

Consumers around the world are more discerning with their product choices than ever and with sustainability a minimum requirement, customers are more regularly interrogating the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) promises behind their purchases. It is not enough anymore for brands to merely flaunt sustainability claims; individuals have now become adept at identifying greenwashing, the practice of brands lying about or greatly exaggerating their positive environmental practices. Authenticity, backed by tangible results, is what keeps consumer behavior aligned with sustainability. Kate

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Toby Gregory, Row to Cop28, Plastic Pledge

Rowing to COP28 to fight plastic pollution

Six months after conquering an epic Atlantic Ocean row, Toby Gregory is primed for a new challenge in his battle against plastic pollution: a circumnavigation of the UAE’s coastline ahead of COP28. In Row To COP28, Toby is encouraging residents to take to the seas around the UAE with him ahead of the upcoming 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, an annual event coming to the Emirates for the first time this November.  Gregory and his Arabian Ocean

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