A/C in the Middle East

Why the MENA region needs to reimagine A/C

More than a third of all the electricity consumed in the United Arab Emirates goes to one simple, yet essential task – keeping us cool. That soars to as much as 70 percent during summer. In sweltering countries with poor electricity systems, such as Iraq or Lebanon, the lack of air conditioning is a threat not just to comfort, but to survival. Climate change is accelerating this challenge. Average UAE temperatures have climbed from about

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‘AlUla has always been a place of exchange’

The ancient Saudi Arabian region of AlUla – with UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra at its heart – began welcoming visitors in 2020. Since then, it’s transformed into a cultural, tourist and wellness destination, featuring eco-friendly hotels and spas, desert sanctuaries and tented resorts. Offering remarkable music, arts and wellbeing festivals as well as hiking, safari and adventure sports experiences, there’s genuinely something for everyone.  Livehealthy speaks to The Royal Commission for AlUla’s executive director,

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Lightyear CEO: ‘We proved that we could build a solar car’

The United Arab Emirates’ deep and plentiful energy supply has, of course, been critical to the nation’s fortunes over the past fifty years. Whether gas or oil are sustainable in the long term is not just a moot point, however, but reflected in most — if not all — of the leadership’s future planning and strategic initiatives. Indeed, a key component of the UAE’s drive to Net Zero by 2050 is another widely available energy

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Livehealthy approved: Banan Beach campground

City living can leave UAE residents craving something a little bit more raw, authentic and natural, and Banan Beach campground in Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect antidote.  Providing a welcome break from marble floors and crystal chandeliers, shopping malls and commuting, it’s an invigorating breath of fresh air and completely unlike anything else I’ve seen in the seven emirates.   A welcome escape from luxury  The rustic, unpolished and immensely photogenic glamping site is tucked away

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