camel milk

Meet your next natural superfood: Camel milk

The metal turnstiles grind open and 24 humped beasts begin their parade from the milking pen into the sprawling Al Ain desert. Moments later, a second herd takes its place, and so it continues until every last camel has been milked and the march starts once again.  The milking process at Al Ain Farms camel dairy is a well-oiled machine. Impatient hoofing aside, the resident beasts know the drill, and so they should, with each

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Dr Hind Al Ameri, marine conservation scientist

Marine conservation science: “The work we do has a bigger purpose”

Dr Hind Al Ameri is an Emirati marine conservation scientist and sea turtle biologist with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. We spoke to her on International Women’s Day in a year where women still face significant challenges and unequal access to opportunities, to talk about support, empowerment and representation – in her field and the wider world. What exactly does a marine conservation scientist do?  Our job is to conserve, protect and manage marine species

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An EV still comes at an environmental cost: Here’s why

So you’ve bought your new electric car. You congratulate yourself on contributing to cleaner air in the UAE as you drive down Sheikh Zayed Road creating zero emissions.  And then someone points out the carbon released in factories to manufacture this ‘green’ vehicle would have been significant. Generating the electricity which charges the battery largely comes with its own environmental impact, too. But it’s the material make-up of the battery itself which is becoming so

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