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8 ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Search the internet and you’ll find as many health reasons to keep drinking coffee as to quit it. When you love coffee, you know when you are having too much (an intensely personal ratio) and you know when it’s just right. Internationally, most coffee lovers couldn’t imagine their day without that first, rich, gentle jolt and they’d be lost without the ritual of sharing a coffee moment with friends. So if you love it like we do, here’s where to get some of the city’s best coffee for free – or at a very deep discount – this week as we celebrate International Coffee Day.

Photo: Park House

1) Park House Nessnass Beach – Drop by the beachside diner any time on October 1, from 7am to 9pm to get your free jolt.

2) Morelli’s Gelato – Take a friend and to any outlet for their BOGO deal and keep doing it from 10am to midnight on October 1 until you can take no more, because there’s no limit to the number of times you can buy one, get one free.  

3) Flow Dubai – From 4-6pm join an exclusive coffee masterclass at the cafe in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. The masterclass will be led by Nightjar Coffee Roastery and Eatery.

4) Roots Bistro, Urban RetrEAT – You have to buy breakfast to get a free coffee on October 1 from this sustainable, environmentally friendly cafe, one of 12 new local vendors to be showcased at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall boutique food court.

5) Kad Ché Café – Okay, so technically the coffee at this Business Bay eatery isn’t free. But at Dh2 per cup, it might as well be. Get one of their weird-sounding signature brews, which include more run-of-the-mill brews alongside popsicle and charcoal lattes and jelly coffee. From 8am to 10pm on October 1.

Wait, there’s more:

Photo: Intersect by Lexus

6) Intersect by Lexus – This DIFC destination is going all out by hosting a three-day coffee festival, offering live demos on making coffee, goodie bags and free samples, including Rocket Fuel, Syphoon, Aeropress and Cold Brew. From 8am to 11am, Sunday to Tuesday.

7) Le Meridien Dubai – Visit the lobby of this hotel between 4pm and 6pm to get a cup and have a picture of yourself holding it painted by local artist Hatty Pedder.

Photo: Arrows and Sparrows

8) Arrows and Sparrows – On Thursday, October 4, this Emaar Business Park in The Greens cafe will celebrate its second anniversary by giving away free coffee to customers between 8am and 10pm.

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