Lateefa Jumierah Project

Check out the Jumeirah Project’s funky new street art

Residents and visitors to one of Dubai’s most vibrant communities are having their heads turned these days by street art. The Jumeirah Project is bringing together 30 Emirati, Arab and international artists to paint colorful murals along Jumeirah Beach Road. The theme is linking the city’s past and present, while incorporating Dubai’s modernity with a strong heritage, and the project is part of a goal by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to turn the city into an open-air museum.

There are various stakeholders involved, including the Dubai Municipality and the Roads and Transport Authority.

“The Jumeirah community will also be part of the project and we welcome their suggestions and ideas,” says Mona Ghanem Al Marri, director general of the Government of Dubai Media Office. “Some of the houses of residents in the area will serve as open-air canvases for murals.”

The Jumeirah Project isn’t just about art, either. Various events are being held under its umbrella, including the Dubai Fitness Challenge and a traditional Dhow competition.

Here are three of the artists you’ll see:

Fatma Al Ali – UAE

Fatma Jumeirah project
Fatma Al-Ali/The Jumeirah Project

Fatma Al Ali is a multidisciplinary artist from the UAE, who is earning her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Design in Sharjah. She often reflects children’s themes in her work, adding balloons whenever she can.

Ernest Zacharevic – Lithuania

Ernest Zacharevic #1-4
Ernest Zacharevic/The Jumeirah Project

Ernest Zacharevic combines fine-art techniques with his passion for experimentation and creating outdoor art. His primary interest is the relationship between art and urban landscape.

Flavio Solo – Italy

Flavio Solo/The Jumeirah Project

This artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rob, graduating with top marks after publishing an anthology on the American artist and Andy Warhol assistant Ronnie Cutrone.

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