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HealthMental HealthWant the keys to happiness? Happify gladly hands them over in one cheerful infographic

Hint: more meaning and connection, less shopping and comparing.
livehealthymag.comApril 3, 20192 min
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Meaning, connection, gratitude, experiences: we may know deep down what makes us happy, but in the whirlwind of modern life, it’s still easy to forget sometimes. Enter Happify, the website and app that aims to make things easier for its users by offering science-based games to help ease stress and anxiety. This handy guide to what happiness is (hint: it has nothing to do with shopping) serves as a positive reminder to us all that in many ways, how we feel about life is in our own hands.

This infographic was published with permission of Happify, a mobile app and website offering science-based activities and games that help reduce stress and anxiety. To learn more, go to and visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play to download the Happify app.