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Indoor cycling arrives to Saadiyat with Frequency

Rhythmic, performance, spin cycling – Frequency, the new Saadiyat based indoor cycling studio, has a class for everyone. Launched in November 2021, the studio is located on the New York University Abu Dhabi campus, just a short walk from Blacksmith Cafe.

The airy space has seven Life Fitness bikes circled around the instructor’s, which is raised on a platform. Currently, the majority of Frequency’s schedule is dominated by rhythmic spin classes — a style known for its dance-like movements. Neon light strips decorate the ceiling and flash to the beat of the music adding to the party-like atmosphere of the classes.

Owner Mariam al Sayegh’s journey with health and fitness started in 2017 with her pilates, barre, and yoga focused studio called The Studio. As her own health journey progressed to include cycling, al Sayegh wanted to expand her offerings into the cycling world, which led her to open Frequency.

Initially, al Sayegh wanted to grow The Studio to include cycling. Like many other gyms and wellness centers, The Studio closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Al Sayegh is dreaming up ways to bring back yoga, pilates, and barre to her wellness offerings, but for the moment, she is excited to bring back boutique cycling to Abu Dhabi with Frequency.

Al Sayegh’s indoor cycling journey started with LesMills RPM, and moved on to include other cycling styles like performance and rhythmic cycling. Those experiences led her to want to offer different kinds of cycling classes at her own studio. “It’s just about taste. I want to have different classes for different people.”

New to indoor cycling? What’s the difference?

Rhythmic cycling is the most dynamic style. With movements like pushups, pulses, and crunches while maintaining a high rpm (revolution per minute) this style is all about coordination and choreography. “If you do it correctly, this form of cycling is a great core workout,” frequency instructor Andrea Gomez shared. If you are new to rhythmic cycling, be prepared to progress slowly. It takes time to safely grow comfortable with following the choreography while maintaining speed.

Performance cycling is modeled after road cycling — think the Tour de France and those bent-over cyclists whizzing by on the road. This style of cycling focuses on improving speed, distance, power, and time. You’ll find no choreography here, just strict cycling with modifications in speed and strength. Performance cycling is all about having a rivalry with yourself. Since this style is about besting your own stats, the classes are almost always challenging. Frequency will be offering performance-based cycling classes soon.

Frequency’s Jubail Mangroves class/Image courtesy Alexa Mena

Alongside the regular studio classes, Frequency has partnered with Jubail Mangrove Park to offer ‘silent’ rhythmic cycling overlooking the scenic mangroves. Don the Frequency-provided headphones and spin along to the views. Though partitions double as privacy and shade on the bikes, there is no escaping the heat as the summer weather approaches. If you think of it as a hot cycling class, the gorgeous mangroves make it well worth the warmth — you are there to sweat, after all.

Catch the last of these classes every Friday at Jubail Mangrove Park. During Ramadan, there will be special late afternoon timings under festive lighting right before iftar. Whether you are a beginner indoor cyclist or on the lookout for a new studio, Frequency is worth a visit.

Free visitor parking is available both at Frequency’s studio location on New York University Abu Dhabi’s campus and the Jubail Mangrove Park. Check Frequency’s website for more schedule and studio information. is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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