Barry Rosenthal Screening screening: Plastic Pandemic


  • New York artist Barry Rosenthal collects trash from Abu Dhabi
  • Watch as he creates signature photographic pieces from plastic
  • Screening Saturday, November 21 (11am New York time/8pm UAE time)

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Abu Dhabi – 9 November 2020: New York artist Barry Rosenthal has made it his mission to show the world the problem with plastic and in particular, plastic garbage in the sea. Through his work, built with collected trash from shorelines around the world, he urges us to meditate on a more thoughtful relationship between consumption and nature.


“Well, I think we’re in trouble,” says Barry. “I think it’s getting pretty critical that we’ve got places where we collect our food and a lot of our food comes from the sea. We can’t keep poisoning our backyard and think that everything is fine.”


Barry travelled to Abu Dhabi earlier this year for the first Livehealthy Festival. He oversaw cleanups on Saadiyat Island and Al Zeina beaches, using the various items collected as part of a live installation during the festival, where he created stunning new signature pieces.


“It’s magical to watch Barry transform garbage from the sea into vibrant, sad, beautiful works of art,” says Ann Marie McQueen, editor. “And it’s shocking to witness what the world throws away.”


Join us on Saturday, November 21 (11am New York time/8pm UAE time) for a screening of the short film Plastic Pandemic, which showcases Barry’s artistic process.


Following the screening there will be a virtual panel discussion and Q+A with art, environmental protection and mindfulness experts debating sustainability and how to save our planet from abuse.


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