Livehealthy approved: 7 healthy gifts you can feel good about

It’s getting on; gifts need to be bought if you celebrate the season. We looked for items that provide not only goods, but experiences. Comfort, peace, inspiration, health and healing.

Biodegradable workout clothes

L’Couture’s new biodegradable Serenity Seamless collection

Now this is something we need more of: biodegradable workout wear. L’Couture’s Serenity Seamless Collection comes in a soft palette of earthy tones: Aqua, Flint Blue and Hushed Violet. It is created using sustainable fabric (crafted from Amni Soul Eco® Yarns) that cinches and sculpts but also stretches too. While other fabrics take decades to break down, this version – made from an enhanced polyamide – when thrown in a landfill will be gone in three years. The new line is available in January, so get a gift card online for your ahead-of-the-curve eco-warrior.

Light, better skin and mood

red light therapy
Rouge Pro Table Top red light box

This year give your favorite person – man or woman – the gift of light. Red light, that is. Red light therapy is an FDA and equivalent-approved simple treatment that uses low wavelength red light to (reportedly) improve the appearance of your skin, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness and acne. We are huge fans of red light therapy at Livehealthy, having seen first-hand how its brightened and enlivened our skin, greatly diminished marks and red spots, and always leaves us feeling really calm and relaxed when it automatically shuts off after a 20-minute session. There are a variety of red light therapy delivery methods on the market at a variety of price points, from in the hundreds of dirhams upwards. Check out the Rouge Pro table-top version for Dh2,939 at

Metabolism balancing + boosting


Two gifts for those obsessed with maximizing their metabolism: The Lumen is a handheld device that measures the C02 concentration in your breath at different times in the day, telling you whether you are burning fat or carbs or both, and ultimately measures your metabolic flexibility and, paired with an app, make suggestions for how to improve your score. A six-month subscription (device included) starts at Dh914. It does this based on the Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER). Or you could get them the patch that every fitness fanatic is sporting these days, the Ultrahuman system. Ultrahuman pairs with a digital platform that helps the user track their metabolism via a blood glucose monitor that adheres to their arm (and must be replaced every two weeks). A recurring prescription with two sensors is Dh689 per month.

Cosy, warm feet

gift guide Uggs
Image courtesy Ugg

Those UAE ceramic floors get chilly this time of year, which makes a pair of fuzzy, cosy slippers the perfect give. We love slipping our feet inside the fur-lined Uggs Scuffette II Slippers, which come in the signature brown suede and have sturdy, flat rubber soles (so if you need to run outside, you can). Starting from Dh359.

Gratitude and life organization

Gift guide The Power Planner
The Power Planner

We love supporting local businesses and that includes this: a big, sunny, thick gratitude journal called The Power Planner, courtesy of Alex McAlpine, aka @Plantbasedmamadxb on Instagram. As she tells her followers: “Gift an experience rather than a material item.”

Circadian rhythm-setting and mood-boosting

gift guide Lumie Lamp
Image courtesy The Lumie Lamp

Shorter days of a UAE winter got you feeling the winter blues – struggling with your sleep? Get a Lumie Lamp, which will assist you in winding down and waking up using the body’s circadian rhythms. This cute orb mimics the colors of a real sunrise and sunset, using mixed LED lighting and is a certified medical device from the company that invented wake up lighting. Starting at Dh280.

Deep comfort and rest

gift guide weighted blanket
The Sleep Chapter

The Sleep Chapter weighted blankets are ethically sourced and mimic the feeling of being hugged or swaddled. The weight sends signals to your brain to curb stress hormones and boost those that relax us, reducing the heart rate. The Sleep Chapter, with offices in Dubai, has them starting from Dh395. is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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