UPDATED: Ma’an’s Together We Are Good fund raises Dh100 million

The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an’s Together We Are Good social fund raised more than Dh100 million in three days to help people experiencing challenges from isolation measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The first project to come out of Ma’an’s recently launched Social Fund is the only official government channel for making financial contributions during this time. Since it was announced on March 24, there have been more than 600 calls and 4,230 SMS messages of people offering cash or in-kind contributions, as well as offering time and expertise. More than 512 people signed up to volunteer while there have been more than 150 in-kind contributions, including hotel rooms, villas, tents, farm land and clinics.

There have been some large donations too; local businessman Dr Abdulkader Sankari tops the list with his Dh20 million gift.

“I would like to thank the UAE leaders and people for the tremendous efforts they are making to address this global epidemic,” sad Dr Sankari, who is chair of Sankari Investment Group and Paris Fashion Group, adding the gesture was a recognition of “what the UAE has given me.”

Salama Al Ameemi, director general of Ma’an, said the organization was “truly humbled by the response.”

“The contributions we have received from Abu Dhabi and across the UAE are tangible evidence of the cohesive and collaborative community that we hope to achieve through Ma’an’s initiatives,” she said. “These are unprecedented times but Abu Dhabi has a hugely philanthropic society and our community has shown that it is ready to step up and do what it can to be part of the national effort. No matter how small or large, I encourage everyone who has not yet done so to contribute in any way they can.”

She urged the community to stand together on a shared platform of compassion and kindness to overcome the current challenges.

“This is the time for our community to show the strength of our solidarity and unity. We urge individuals, the private sector and civil society to think about how to contribute with us. Support will not be limited and anyone who believes that they are able to contribute can contact us.

“We are confident of our ability to overcome these difficult circumstances by working together, hand in hand. We can all contribute to the efforts being made to face this global challenge and to express the spirit of solidarity for which the UAE has come to be known.”

• To donate through Together We Are Good, SMS messages 6670 to donate Dh1000; 6678 to donate Dh500; 6683 for Dh100 and 6658 for Dh50. Call 8005-MAAN for volunteering and in-kind and financial contributions above Dh1,000 or send messages on WhatsApp on 0543055366. Transfers can also be made via First Abu Dhabi Bank using the IBAN number: AE100351011003988349032. In-kind contributions include equipment, buildings, services and time as well as expert volunteering. is for every body and mind in the UAE. This magazine is all about moderation, making small changes, little additions and the odd subtraction.



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