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CommunityFitnessMarcus Smith ran 30 marathons during the Dubai Fitness Challenge

He wanted to show off Dubai and demonstrate what people can be capable of.
Danae MercerNovember 25, 2018514 min
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Marcus Smith marathon Dubai Fitness Challenge

Marcus Smith decided to run 30 marathons in 30 days during the Dubai Fitness Challenge for four reasons. First, it was about showing off Dubai.

“Having been brought up here and living here for the last 35 years, I wanted to do something to raise awareness about how easy it is to do some form of fitness,says the 39-year-old endurance athlete.

Next, I learn a lot in these challenges, and I wanted to make my family proud. 

But mostly, continues Smith, it was about human potential. I wanted to let others realize they have a lot of potential, and to try to realize my own.

A remarkable recovery

It’s even more remarkable, what Smith has accomplished, as it was just February when he was hit by a truck while training for an ultra-cycle world record. He had a broken scapula, a collapsed lung and seven broken ribs.

Yet every day during the 30 days of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, from October 26 to November 24, Smith rolled out of bed, laced up his shoes and headed to his starting point, the flag pole on Beach Road.

Routes varied daily, often determined by where he chose to finish. There was often a hero’s welcome, but none bigger than at than Saturday night in Downtown Dubai. His image had been projected on to the Burj Khalifa. 

A hero’s finish

Sometimes he was alone. Sometimes hed have 15 or 30 members of the community running alongside him.

“I’ve finished at a lot of schools,” he says. “I just tried to keep the route interesting and different every day.

There isn’t any one particular route he like more than the other.

Theyre all pretty good,he says. “The enjoyment of it is determined by the people who come with me. Its great when its all these people running.Every evening, Smith would put his planned route up on his Instagram, so that friends and strangers alike could join in for a jog or for the whole 42.2km run.

The impact on his body has been noticeable in terms of fatigue, Smith admits. But thats to be expected. When you run long distances like that, four hours every day, a lot builds up. Its kind of a roller coaster some are really hard, some are easy, but you have to push through both.

Fueling up

To fuel himself throughout, Smith ate meals from his own company, Smith St Paleo. I eat when Im hungry. I dont count calories or macros, I just eat the right amount of food to fuel me, which I base on hunger and what Ive learned through years of endurance challenges.

The running hasnt really impacted the Innerfight Gym owner’s physique, and he isnt surprised. I take a lot of care of my diet.

The routes

For a complete beginning runner, Smith recommends the 7km beach track between the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Canal. Its super safe, there are water coolers all along the way, and its really nice early in the morning.

Downtown can get a bit busy and the GPS signal doesnt synch too well, Smith adds. But try Old Dubai along the creek.

There are so many places in Dubai, so many paths you can run on, and thats the best part of it. Were able to enjoy running.“

Featured photo: Marcus Smith. 

Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer is a freelance health and travel journalist and globally recognized influencer and leader in the body acceptance movement.

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