Miracles Abu Dhabi

Miracles Abu Dhabi — the capital’s newest wellness oasis

Feeling down or simply not yourself lately? Are you in need of some positive energy in your life? Head over to Miracles Abu Dhabi, which has just opened its second branch in the UAE. 

Miracles Abu Dhabi is a hub for wellness and self-development that offers unique healing treatments focusing on balancing the mind, body, and spirit. It also encourages health and self-development through a variety of alternative therapy techniques.  

Therapies such as energy healing, which include including reiki, crystal therapy and space clearin, are on the list, as are different life skill and mind-mastery boosting methods including past life regression, Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy. The brainchild of Dr Amrit Chand Schmidt, Miracles also offers laughter therapy and unique spa treatments like the Access Energetic Facelift. 

“The center itself offers alternative therapies for people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fears and phobias,” says Jane Elizabeth Muff, a transformational coach and energy healer at Miracles Abu Dhabi. “But we also offer treatments that focus on making you feel good outside, too.”

The Miracles mantra is that your state of mind affects how healthy your body is. And for this reason its aim is to educate its clients on mind-body-energy interplay and how thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect biological functioning.

“Our bodies are made up of energy and when we experience negative emotions, we create a negative energy and it can give us anxiety or a horrible feeling from within, but it can also affect our body physically,” adds Muff.

One unique way Miracles Abu Dhabi can help to unblock this negative energy is through the Access Energetic Facelift, which helps to remove mental and emotional blockages, while restoring a natural glow to the face. The process uses the therapist’s hands that are placed on points on the face — similar to reiki.

“The Access Energetic Facelift is different,” Muff continues. “With reiki healing, I act as a channel and the energy flows through me to the client, but with the energetic facelift, I’m pulling the negative energy out of the body, such as trauma or trapped memories that can be stored in the memory cells in our faces.”

Muff makes some big claims about this treatment: that it can start to reverse aging (in 20+ sessions), can complement beauty regimes like Botox and fillers, and can even help with certain conditions, like Bell’s palsy. 

The intention behind Miracles is to create a community and a space for energy healing in Abu Dhabi, where people can heal, find comfort and connection with like-minded people who are looking for an alternative way to feel better in themselves.

“We want somewhere clients can feel safe, with professionals that are trained to a high standard, and in the near future we are looking to bring community fun to the center with evening wellness sessions,” she ends.

Whether Miracles can live up to its title will be judged by its clients, but the location is certainly an airy urban haven in the middle of a busy city center. The location, in Al Gaith Tower on Hamdan Street, is an oasis full of natural light, with floor-to-ceiling windows and plenty of space for treatment rooms.

They’ve also installed a salt room which they’ll also use for treatments, a schedule of sound healing and meditation classes for September, plus a large training room for training for anyone who wants to delve deeper into holistic courses.

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