Michael Omann says the best medicine is movement

Ann Marie McQueen Ann Marie McQueenNovember 23, 2022n/a3 min
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The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Michael Omann says the best medicine is movement

Michael Omann is the founder of MovEvo, a holistic approach that stands for “move in the sense of evolution.” He was also the head of Sports Science and Movement Therapy at the Vivamayr Health Clinic in Austria, where he was part of a multi-professional team of experts who take a systemic approach to their clients’ health. Michael believes that due to the comforts of modern life, many of us are not able to execute basic human movement like running, jumping, landing, balancing, swimming and squatting, and this is creating generations of physical inability – not to mention an epidemic of lifestyle diseases. Michael is traveling to Dubai to conduct a Movement as Medicine session as part of Livewell with Nakheel on Sunday, November 27 at District One, Event Area. He joined the Livehealthy Podcast ahead of that event to talk about his vision to inspire and empower people to make their lives better.


We discuss:


  • Why a lack of movement translates into disease

  • How stress converts into physical pain and stress on joints

  • How to shift the burden on your body of too much sitting

  • A simple stretch to counteract computer sitting

  • Why movement is the best medicine

  • What MovEvo is all about

  • How to engage with Michael and learn more

Find out more about Michael Omann and MovEvo
Instagram: @movevo.app



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