Stride UAE offers support for autoimmunity

Ann Marie McQueen Ann Marie McQueenAugust 16, 2023n/a4 min
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The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Stride UAE offers support for autoimmunity

This week on the Livehealthy Podcast, Livehealthy editorial director Ann Marie McQueen speaks to Daryl Grigaravicius, the founder of Stride, a fun and inclusive community for those living with autoimmune diseases in Dubai.

Daryl is igniting the conversation around autoimmunity and the challenges it presents, helping a range of people feel part of a community, learn and share resources, have fun and feel less alone. She talks all about her own difficult experiences over the last 11 years, how she dealt with the medical system and finally found a practitioner who helped her get off of medication and find her way to better health. Daryl shares her top tip for navigating the medical system and other advice for others who are having their own health challenges – whether they’ve been diagnosed or not.


  • Her journey with autoimmunity

  • How the birth of her son led to even worse illness, what was at the root of it and how she finally said “enough” and chose a different path

  • Common challenges faced by people with autoimmunity, or a range of unexplained symptoms

  • Her top advice for navigating the medical system, taking responsibility for your condition and getting help where and when you need it

  • The one thing we do in our heads that makes experiencing an autoimmunity condition that much worse

  • How she started Stride – and what she has planned for it

Web: StrideUAE

Instagram: @stride_uae



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