5 wellness and fitness experts give us their actually helpful sleep advice

Whether you consider yourself to be a good sleeper, or you struggle to get a good night’s rest, it’s important to realize the full potential of your nightly slumber – and what can go wrong if you are not getting a good quality and quantity of it.  Five experts across the UAE’s fitness, medical and food fields go further than most to explain how they get good sleep, demonstrating that most sleep problems can be

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grief candle

‘Approach grief with reverence and compassion’

As a culture, we are not very good at handling grief. We want to get on with things or be grateful for what we have, or not be stuck in the past, and so we quickly try to brush the grief under the carpet and move forward into the future. But as it goes with any emotion, if it is not acknowledged or processed, grief stays inside you and eventually blocks your ability to engage

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