A/C in the Middle East

Why the MENA region needs to reimagine A/C

More than a third of all the electricity consumed in the United Arab Emirates goes to one simple, yet essential task – keeping us cool. That soars to as much as 70 percent during summer. In sweltering countries with poor electricity systems, such as Iraq or Lebanon, the lack of air conditioning is a threat not just to comfort, but to survival. Climate change is accelerating this challenge. Average UAE temperatures have climbed from about

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How to save big on your electricity bill this summer

We all need to find ways to save money these days, and your electricity bill – in a UAE summer – is a great place to start. Every single person can play a huge part in creating a sustainable environment just by making a few lifestyle changes. With the constant need for air conditioning, we all know how your monthly electricity bill can spike from May to September. Here are some top tips for keeping

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