Nawar Sourij psychotherapy for Arabs

Getting past the stigma of therapy for Arabs

Nawar Sourij is a UK-based psychotherapist and life coach who joined The Livehealthy Podcast (Arabic) earlier this year to talk about her work, how learning about biology and psychotherapy in general can help people and why therapy is different for Arabs, and still the focus of a lot of stigma and shame. Nawar trained in neuroscience and integrated psychotherapy at the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham. She decided to specialize in integrated

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Khawla Hammad Takalam

Takalam: Meeting the global need for therapy in Arabic

Takalam is the Arabic word for talk, and that is just what this online counseling platform that launched in 2020 is helping Arabic speakers who need it to do. Founder and CEO Khawla Hammad tells The Livehealthy Podcast how she came to create the service, how in the early days, pre-Covid, she encountered some of the resistance and stigma associated with seeking help from a professional in this region, and why the service is so

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Moza Al Hameli

Finding inner peace with an Arabic life coach

When the increasingly popular field of life coaching took root in the UAE, it remained largely inaccessible to one of the UAE’s largest groups: people who speak only Arabic.  Moza Al Hameli, a 43-year-old Emirati life coach, aims to change all that.  She has just launched her Abu Dhabi-based training academy Azher, which offers sessions and workshops for those who seek to live a more meaningful life – with adjustments in tone, translation and, of

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