Coronavirus times

Life lessons from Corona times

What an extraordinary year 2020 is turning out to be. So far, we have spent a good portion of it in seclusion due to Corona times. As we begin to emerge, it is time to reflect on the past few months. These are a few of my thoughts and lessons I’ve learned.   Making plans is pointless   I had planned a trip to Japan this spring for the cherry blossom festival and then another

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emotional intelligence

How art, pets and meditation impact emotional intelligence

Thejamjar in Dubai’s Al Serkal Avenue is best-known as a haven for aspiring artists, but when it comes to creative expression, there is always a lot more going on emotionally. Staff at the center decided to explore that link this summer by organizing the first day-long event devoted to emotional intelligence. Clearly they were on to something: 250 people showed up, and they now plan to hold the event twice a year.  “We usually have

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Theta Healing Dubai

Getting creative in Dubai with Theta Healing 

Victoria Parrucci, a 30-year-old Argentinian, originally landed in Dubai to work in the food and beverage industry. Then, the self-taught artist had a Theta Healing session and decided to learn the technique, which is part meditation and part pan-religious spiritual philosophy. Theta Healing was created by an American mother of three named Vianna Stibal in 1995, who claimed she used it to heal from cancer. She then went on to teach it to others. Next

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Bodytree Studio

Health news UAE

Bodytree’s Annual Yoga Market, the Fitness & Wellbeing Festival on Yas Island and new classes at Fitness First.

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