Nora Hameidani, founder of Barre Effect

Why not give barre a try?

Ramadan is known to be a month full of kindness and gratitude, as well as to detox and reflect. From my experience with Muslim clients, many continue to work out throughout the Holy Month, even while they are fasting.  However, everyone reacts to fasting differently, particularly the first few days or workouts. That is why it is important to take it easy, see how you feel, and not be too hard on yourself. If working out while you are

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Method by Kat

Could Method by Kat be the workout that actually works?

There’s a positive buzz spreading across the region and beyond about Method By Kat, a program of functional, predominantly bodyweight workout classes for women who want to lose weight, get strong or just feel healthier. We decided to track down Kathryn Diab, the Dubai-based woman behind the brand to find out what it’s all about. The mother-of-six — SIX — looks fresh and energized when we meet and I get the feeling that this is

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