body acceptance

Leaning into body acceptance, one thought at a time

What thoughts come up for you when you look in the mirror? Chances are they are not very positive. “I look fat”; “I need to get back in the gym”; “I wish my (enter body part) didn’t look like this.” As isolating as this experience can feel, you are not alone in struggling with your body image.  Poor body image affects many of us, resulting in shame, low self-confidence and even causing us to avoid

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Jessica Smith

‘We’re so much more than our disabilities’

So many people talk about wanting to make the world a more welcoming and inclusive place for people with disabilities, but a select few are determined and passionate enough to actually do something about it. One example is Australian Paralympian and disability awareness advocate Jessica Smith. A successful public speaker and diversity consultant, she has also co-founded TOUCH Dubai, the inclusive talent agency. Now, after having three children and noticing the lack of disabled characters

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Method by Kat

Could Method by Kat be the workout that actually works?

There’s a positive buzz spreading across the region and beyond about Method By Kat, a program of functional, predominantly bodyweight workout classes for women who want to lose weight, get strong or just feel healthier. We decided to track down Kathryn Diab, the Dubai-based woman behind the brand to find out what it’s all about. The mother-of-six — SIX — looks fresh and energized when we meet and I get the feeling that this is

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Why are we still using BMI?

Body Mass Index, or BMI, has origins that date back around 200 years – but it was never designed to measure all the nuances of what is ‘healthy.’

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Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer talks trolls and TikTok

Danae Mercer radiates good health, but there was a time when she disliked her body so much that she was prepared to risk literally killing herself to achieve what she perceived to be perfection.  Thanks to the intervention of concerned and caring friends and teachers at the US university where she was a student, she made a full recovery. But the days of judging her body were far from over. Now she is a lifestyle

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