Method by Kat

Could Method by Kat be the workout that actually works?

There’s a positive buzz spreading across the region and beyond about Method By Kat, a program of functional, predominantly bodyweight workout classes for women who want to lose weight, get strong or just feel healthier. We decided to track down Kathryn Diab, the Dubai-based woman behind the brand to find out what it’s all about. The mother-of-six — SIX — looks fresh and energized when we meet and I get the feeling that this is

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Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells: ‘I want people to know it’s okay to struggle’

Health advocate and fitness entrepreneur Kelsey Wells has a hefty 2.8 million sets of eyeballs on Instagram alone. With a further 2.5 million in her Facebook community, she commands a following bigger than the population of Oman. Her rise to such renown has been a remarkable one. It is a journey facilitated by the social media boom of the past decade but driven, unquestionably, by her fervent desire to empower people through fitness.   “I did not

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