How to help someone who is the target of bullying

Bullying can happen almost anywhere – even among adults in workplaces. But when it comes to children, some of the worst offenses happen in school and online. In a recent study by Cartoon Network Middle East in partnership with YouGov, more than half of parents across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt said they had seen an increase in “cyberbullying”. Physical appearance, social skills and nationality were the top reasons cited for bullying. The survey

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Nuno Costa Fernandez CRANK

‘Bullying helped me create a mental toughness’

Nuno Costas Fernandes knows a thing or two about hard work and overcoming the odds: as a perennially overweight youngster, he was often bullied and terrible in sports. But as he told The Livehealthy Podcast recently, he managed to overcome a painful and unhealthy start to earn a master’s in electronic and telecommunications engineering and become one of the most popular indoor cycling instructors in Dubai. After getting the entrepreneurial spirit and ease with people from his

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