Enough already. It’s time to meditate

The pursuit of health and fitness has taken centre stage in many people’s lives but often the focus remains on the external. Meditation has been offering a path toward internal harmony for millennia, bringing those who practice it a powerful understanding of self that has far-reaching positive consequences.  At its core, meditation is an inward odyssey, where one learns to observe the inner workings of their mind without judgment. It encourages those practicing to be

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7 ways to improve your gut health 

Recent research shows that gut health is linked to a wide range of issues: depression, thyroid disorders, skin conditions, Type 2 diabetes and many other physical and mental ailments.  “Your gut is your second brain,” explains Dr Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist and managing director of The LightHouse Arabia. “It is full of a network of nerves — called the enteric nervous system — that extends along the entire digestive tract from the esophagus, through the stomach

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Fatherhood can be hard on men’s mental health, too

New fatherhood can have a major impact on the mental health of men, an issue that has only become more complicated in recent years. That’s because the expectations of men as parents has evolved — and expanded — significantly. What it means to be a father is not as one-dimensional or clearly defined as it once was. Today’s fathers aren’t always the traditional breadwinner or disciplinarians in the family. They might be single or married, work

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