Let yoga help you move through Ramadan

There are many reasons why yoga has kept people calm and centered for thousands of years. Known for its numerous physical and mental benefits, yoga’s slow paced, meditative and restorative nature also makes it the ideal exercise to do when fasting. Here’s why if you haven’t started, Ramadan might be the perfect time. Relieve stress Yoga and meditation, coupled with appropriate medical care, can help a person navigate out of a dark place. When you are feeling lost,

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ear candling

Ear candling hurts but it helped me hear better

It’s not until I am lying on my right side, a long flaming candle sticking out of my ear, wincing from a sharp, needle-like pain, that I regret my spur-of-the-moment decision to try ear candling. Stay with me. Years ago, I used to visit regularly a woman who did facial reflexology out of her villa in Abu Dhabi. I remember leaving those sessions floating and serene, and after she moved back home, I was never

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