Boxing is therapy

Boxing is a popular workout for a reason: it offers all the fitness benefits of the real thing, all without the intimidation of stepping into a ring or risking any real blows. One of Dubai’s most popular studios, Boxica in Studio City, has been doing a brisk business post-pandemic by going beyond boxing to offer unique mix of strength, indoor cycling and circuit-style workouts. The founder of this growing movement is Cyrus Rustom, a former member of the elite

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Yasir Khan: “I want to make people’s lives 10 times better”

As a world-renowned bodybuilder, celebrity trainer and the founder of Transform Your Body, the UAE’s biggest super gym, Yasir Khan’s life story is an inspiring tale of perseverance and self discipline. The dedicated entrepreneur joins Livehealthy to discuss why the approach of Transform Your Body is so unique, he doesn’t believe in cutting out carbs or dairy, and how he went from working for free as a gym caretaker to launching his own empire. How

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Erth Abu Dhabi

Livehealthy approved: Erth Abu Dhabi     

The UAE is rich in culture and heritage. But, while luxury suites, opulent lobbies and stunning infinity pools are found in abundance, I feel that few hotels reflect the nation’s fascinating history and unique landscape. That’s where Erth Abu Dhabi stands out.  Here, everything from the décor to the ingredients and recipes in the restaurants to the flora and fauna growing in the gardens is distinctively Emirati and authentic to the UAE. Even the word

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getting back to the gym

5 ways to ease into getting back to the gym

You know the drill: Your New Year’s plans gave way to, well it’s summer now and you are still figuring out how to embark on a sustainable and reasonable health and exercise plan. Even though you may feel you are in a rut, motivation is actually only a few workouts away.  Take these tips from Ali Syed, regional fitness manager at Fitness First, for getting back to a healthy exercise routine any time that you happen

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