Courtney Black

Courtney Black: ‘It’s my responsibility to educate girls about fitness and nutrition’

After spending a decade building a substantial online following as one of the UK’s leading fitness influencers, Courtney Black is taking her work offline, into schools in both Britain and the UAE.  Aiming to improve knowledge of fitness and healthy eating among teenage girls, in particular, Black has already delivered talks at some schools in Dubai and after recently moving to the UAE full-time, is now hoping to roll out a more extensive program across

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Chervin Jafarieh: ‘We just entered Cymbiotika 3.0’

Chervin Jafarieh has dedicated his career to helping people improve their physical and mental health. As the co-founder and chief scientific officer of the clean, science-backed and forward-facing supplements brand Cymbiotika, he is an icon for many in the health and wellness realm. A life-long seeker of truth and knowledge, his wide-ranging areas of expertise include Eastern and Western medicine, orthomolecular medicine, detoxification and biodynamic agriculture. Along with being the founder and face of Cymbiotika, he also

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