Active surveillance still likely the best approach to low-risk prostate cancer

Much confusion has been generated among medical professionals and men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer by a recent radical rethink on treatment guidelines published by the US National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The NCCN is a well-respected body that for years has supported the generally accepted approach that the best treatment for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer is to do nothing — or, rather, to monitor the progress of the disease through “active surveillance”. Now

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Dr Hosam Al Qudah

A ‘Movember’ reminder: Men, get yourself checked for cancer

The head of a Dubai hospital urology department says that while openness is increasing among men when it comes to cancer conversations, there still exists a reluctance among many to broach the subject of their health — either with friends or doctors.  “Movember is a great opportunity for people to talk about men’s cancer, which is too often overlooked,” says Dr Hosam Al-Qudah, head of urology at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. “Breast cancer awareness gets

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