Ramadan quarantine

Tips to get you through a healthy final week of Ramadan

We searched the Livehealthy archives for the best mental and physical advice for Ramadan: everything from what to eat, to when and how; when to workout and what to do; how to be more sustainable, more mindful and more meditative, and how to clean out your closets – and your mind. Go easy on high-intensity cardio One thing that can happen during Ramadan is that the body can enter a catabolic state. This is when the

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Considering fasting? Read this first 

If you’re thinking of trying a fast, Ramadan is a very good time to do it. But what are the rules? How many hours should you be abstaining from food? Are you still allowed tea and coffee? Should you try intermittent fasting or a fasting-mimicking diet or something like the 5:2? Or should you dive straight in with a prolonged fast? Which one best suits your goals? Are you looking for weight loss, better skin, improved

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fasting Ramadan healing

How fasting helps us heal

While many enjoy the reflective, spiritual and community aspects that are part of Ramadan, they struggle with moodiness and fatigue, which they attribute to lack of food or water during the day. The truth is that being “moody” and “tired” probably is the result of people experiencing withdrawals from addictive substances, dehydration, poor sleep, lack of exercise and eating poorly at sunset.  The research is conclusive: fasting, when done right, is healing and restorative for

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Ramadan fitness and fasting

‘It’s okay to let your fitness plateau’ in Ramadan

Fasting has been around for centuries, adopted by many cultures and religions as a spiritual act designed to purify and heal the mind, body and soul. In recent times a variety of fasting diets have been touted not only as a popular mechanism for weight loss, but a route to overall better health, too. There are some key differences between fasting during Ramadan and intermittent fasting, however. Ramadan fasting periods are specified by the sun

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Rowing Ramadan

Here’s how I lost fat and gained muscle during Ramadan

There is no better time to set personal fitness goals than during the Holy Month, which is all about setting aside time to reflect, rejuvenate, break old habits and start new ones. Here’s how I managed to lose weight and build muscle last Ramadan.  Dedication  Ramadan is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, abstaining from food and drink, among other pleasures (particularly the guilty ones) but also

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