stress diabetes

Unravelling the stress-to-diabetes domino

The shadow of diabetes looms large across the sun-soaked dunes and bustling cities of the UAE, with 19 percent of the population already afflicted and many more skirting the periphery of pre-diabetes, unaware of the tsunami of health risks awaiting them. In this landscape of prosperity, the silent yet profound impact of stress weaves its narrative, casting a domino effect that topples well-being and stirs the specter of metabolic dysfunction. Against this backdrop, more attention

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sleep in Ramadan

How you can finally manage your sleep this Ramadan

Sleep is a huge issue during Ramadan, with people sleeping less and having worse sleep quality, due to fasting, changes to mealtimes, socializing and more.  “During the Holy Month of Ramadan, many people find that their sleep is disturbed by late-night prayers, pre-dawn meals, social gatherings and work,” says Dr Ruhil Badiani, a family physician at Dubai’s Cornerstone Clinic. “People can often find themselves losing up to 90 minutes of sleep a night. So how

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sleep 101

Sleep 101: How to finally get a good night’s rest

Getting under the covers for a good night’s sleep is what keeps us healthy – both physically and mentally. Not only does 40 winks improve memory and cognitive function, it also boosts the immune system, lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and helps regulate your mood. It can also improve athletic performance, aid in weight management, and improve your skin’s appearance.  But are you getting enough of it

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5 wellness and fitness experts give us their actually helpful sleep advice

Whether you consider yourself to be a good sleeper, or you struggle to get a good night’s rest, it’s important to realize the full potential of your nightly slumber – and what can go wrong if you are not getting a good quality and quantity of it.  Five experts across the UAE’s fitness, medical and food fields go further than most to explain how they get good sleep, demonstrating that most sleep problems can be

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