Livehealthy opinion: My sugar ride was a fast-track to shame

I didn’t always crave sugar or feel shame when I ate it. When I was a toddler, my mother used to leave me a little pile of raisins or marshmallows on the kitchen table so I could grab a snack when I wanted. By all accounts I hate them sparingly and happily. When I was a little older, she’d hand me a little bag of soft banana candies from the corner store when we went

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dates sugar

Dates are great. But sugar.

Traditionally, dates are dried and eaten raw. But now, the fruit is part of a host of complex recipes, usually desserts. Dates are the new sugar.

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Should you get a prediabetes test?

The UAE is in the midst of a diabetes crisis, but what might be lesser-known is that prediabetes — often the precursor to full-blown type 2 diabetes — is also at critical levels. Research from GluCare Integrated Diabetes Center in Dubai has revealed that around 15 percent of people in the UAE have prediabetes.  That’s around 19 percent of Emiratis and 15 percent of expatriates living with the condition. “One in six people are affected

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