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How can we protect child mental health in a digital world?

While digital technology has connected millions of people across the globe and brought many of us closer together, it has also created a lonely and isolating place for others — especially children. The latest phones, laptops and iPads have become must-have accessories that are more important to a young family than a pet. But this exposure to all that info has seen an increase in digital addiction. In fact, it’s becoming so prevalent, that it’s

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ASKWHO: Make friends with the UAE-founded social app

For many of us, the idea of adding another social media platform to our already web-centric lives is very unappealing. But refreshingly, ASKWHO isn’t about gathering as many likes and followers as possible.  Founded in Dubai by expats Michael Askew and Matthew Gaziano and currently available around the world”, the group social media app encourages users to connect with others from their local area, share tips, exchange ideas and even meet up in person.   With

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How genomics is shaping the future of medicine

With so much coverage of the global Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years, it is easy to forget that we are living in extraordinary medical times. Advances in medicine are perhaps humanity’s greatest achievement; according to the University of Oxford’s World in Data website, the average global life expectancy rose from 45.7 in 1950 to 72.4 in 2019.  Health poverty remains a problem, of course, but as worldwide technological developments continue apace, the medical

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