Flu shot

Health officials: ‘Get your flu shot’

With winter just around the corner, health officials have asked residents to take the flu shot to reduce disease complications resulting from common viruses. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) on Monday officially launched its annual National Seasonal Flu Awareness Campaign under the theme “Protect yourself… Protect your community” to promote community awareness on getting vaccinated against seasonal flu, enhance disease prevention and reduce flu complications as well as educate healthcare workers on best

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clinical trials

How drug trials actually work

At a time when the entire world is undergoing the largest vaccination program ever rolled out by modern medicine, it has never been more important to understand how drug trials actually work. In general, trials of new drugs or treatments boil down to a simple analysis of risk versus benefit — do the benefits of taking a certain drug outweigh the risks? Finding out is a methodical business, which goes something like this. Before any

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healthy eating Covid

How a healthy diet can lower your risk of serious Covid

You are what you eat, and according to a large new Harvard study, that extends to bolstering your protection against Covid-19 infection, too.   The study involving more than half a million Americans found that you can boost your immune system and significantly lower your risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19 by eating a plant-rich diet.  The study, which was conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital via smartphone survey, found that of more than 590,000

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T cells Abu Dhabi

Our T-cells may be key to beating Covid-19

Concerns over new Covid-19 variants becoming resistant to antibodies are spurring interest in finding out more about the body’s own immune responses — both to vaccines and to natural infection — as future protection against the virus.  Scientists working in Abu Dhabi are hoping T-cells, which are a group of white blood cells that target and destroy cells as they become infected with viruses, can provide immunity against Covid-19. They believe T-cells could be more

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Covid to HPV: Everything you need to know about child vaccinations

Covid-19 vaccination is a hot topic, and while some may be apprehensive, the UAE ministry of education has made its stance very clear. In a bid to make schools as safe as possible, the authorities have announced that students aged 16 and over must be vaccinated if they wish to attend school physically. The vaccination status must be verified on the Al Hosn app. If your child turns 16 during the academic year, they are

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