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The Daily Prep Co smoothies make breakfast a blast

Ever wish someone was making your morning smoothie for you? Your wish can be fulfilled by The Daily Prep Co,  with their pre-portioned, flash-frozen, blend-at-home smoothies. You can order smoothie packs of four, six and eight delivered in frozen cups that you can keep in your freezer until needed. Each smoothie contains nothing but real fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains. Launched in Dubai last year, their first nine flavors indicate this is no ordinary smoothie company  – bet you don’t have Rose Beet, Chia Chai or Pineapple Lime in your freezer. Up next: expanding the product line and delivery to Abu Dhabi.

What inspired you to start The Daily Prep Co? 

Having demanding jobs that require us to work long hours. Being time-poor but wanting to ensure we were still fuelling our body with the right foods. We started looking into healthy fast food companies in Dubai that had clean and natural ingredients. The options were very limited, especially for “food on the go.” Life here is so busy and on demand, our smoothies allow our customers to have healthy snacks (or meals) ready in their freezer at their convenience. All they need to do is add the liquid of their choice, mix everything in the blender and pop back into the cup provided. Our packaging is also 100 percent recyclable. 

The Daily Prep Co
Image courtesy The Daily Prep Co

Why just smoothies? 

Here in Dubai there are some great companies, already well-established, which offer meal prep-at-home packages and full meal delivery services. We wanted to bring to the market something that was slightly different – something you  can have in your freezer, that you can just blend and go just makes life so easy. All the  ingredients in our smoothies are recognizable, which is most important to us. We’ve always struggled with breakfast and our smoothies have taken this pressure off.

What’s different about your smoothies?

We are the first company to offer ready-to-blend smoothies made of whole and natural ingredients and packaged in individual cups. There are no added sugars or preservatives, just real fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, and spice. The variety of flavours will blow you away and they are by far the healthiest smoothies on the market. There simply isn’t anything else like this in Dubai. The ready-to-blend cups arrive at your door already frozen, so you can pop them straight into the freezer and use at your convenience. This drastically reduces food waste. We’ve used many food prep companies and think they are great, but they still rely on you prepping and cooking the food yourself or use ready-made juices that are full of sugar. If you end up working late and come home too tired to cook, or decide to be spontaneous and go for dinner with friends, by the end of the week you end up with wasted groceries in your fridge. This doesn’t happen with our smoothies. 

How did you come up with these crazy flavors? 

Nature inspires us! We wanted our smoothie line to showcase the many amazing flavor combinations and vibrant colours that you can create from just real ingredients. We got really creative in the kitchen and are super proud of our smoothie line up. We guarantee that they taste way better than any of the processed, overly sweetened shakes on the market.

Expansion plans?

We are working on new flavours that will appeal to those that are heavily into fitness and want their smoothies with an added boost to aid muscle repair. We also want to look at flavors that will appeal to the whole family, including the kids.

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