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The Emirati life coach: 5 ways to think positively because real medicine starts in your mind

Sometimes, we can actually feel a change happen within our body when we are surrounded by negative people. When this happens, our emotions are sending signals to our brain, prompting a variety of emotions, including frustration, fear, anger and sadness. Can you imagine how this negative thinking would impact the body if it happened regularly?

Consciousness is the real secret to avoid such damage within. It’s a straightforward equation: If I change my perception, my mind changes my beliefs about life, changing the signals that are sent to my body. Being conscious toward how we feel in any given moment, mind and body, is the first initial step to manage any negative thoughts and fears.

Thoughts are happening within body and mind all the time. Yet many people who are sick haven’t noticed how their thoughts and emotions are related.

Children don’t spend time dwelling on injury or illness, how it happened and what might go wrong in association with it later on. For example, when a child is injured, parents attend to the wound, doing whatever is necessary and sending the child back out to play.

As a result, no matter how deep the injury, most of the time it will just heal by itself while the child lives as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

Research increasingly shows that we have more control over our health and bodies than previously thought, not only by making lifestyle changes, but realizing and pursuing the power of positive thinking.

That is why as adults, we need to believe in the power of the mind-body connection. But it’s not always easy. Here are five ways to help yourself not only feel better, but promote healing both inside and out:

  • take control of your thoughts, focusing on gratitude and forgiveness, two of the most powerful states of mind;
  • be conscious of how negative thoughts feel in your body;
  • release any suppressed emotions you might have through an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • increase the amount of positive emotions you have by thinking of happy moments and positive thoughts; and
  • deepen your spiritual connection and come up with a strong reason for living.

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